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A Television Listening Option

A Television Listening Option – The Serene TV SoundBox
Ann Liming, Hearing Technology Resource Specialist

There are many devices on the market for people with hearing loss that make understanding the TV easier and more enjoyable. Some devices use headphones or neckloops or both, while others utilize a stethoscope type ear plug. Some broadcast directly to the telephone coil in the hearing aid(s) and/or cochlear implant (CI), using electromagnetic energy, while others send sound signals via FM, Infrared or Bluetooth technology. Most work with other sound sources, such as MP3 players, computers and radios, as well as the TV. Each consumer needs to review and test, if possible, the various devices to determine which works best for him or her. Many devices can be purchased through a vendor of hearing assistive technology. Several hearing aid and cochlear implant manufacturers are developing TV systems that work with their hearing aid/CI products. These manufacturer specific products can be purchased through a hearing health care provider.
The Serene TV SoundBox is an amplified TV speaker that functions differently than other TV listening products. It provides stereo sound directly to the listener without the use of headphones, ear hooks or earphones.
The TV SoundBox consists of a transmitter base and a wireless receiver that acts as the amplified speaker, delivering sound from a TV or other sound source. With the base connected to the TV, MP3 player, radio or even a computer, the wireless receiver can be used in another room or even taken outdoors. The range from the base that the receiver will amplify sound is approximately 100 feet.
All TV devices make it possible for the person with a hearing loss to hear the TV with the sound set at a comfortable level for other listeners. In some cases, the sound on the TV can be turned low or even off.
Purchasers of TV listening equipment should check with vendors or their hearing health care provider for information related to trial periods and return of equipment that didn’t meet their needs.

For a list of vendors/manufacturers, go to:

View a comparison chart of TV listening systems at: http://www.harriscomm.com/equipment/tv-listen.html
For more information about the TV SoundBox go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWpjWbQKysg

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