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Basic Guide to Understanding an Audiogram

BASIC GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING AN AUDIOGRAM Liz Kobylak, HLAA-MI Hearing Technology Resource Specialist Those of us who have been diagnosed with hearing loss have probably, at some point, looked with dread at our audiograms which graph our hearing test results.  This graph can be confusing to those just beginning their hearing loss journey.  To understand […]

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Using CART for Communication Access

Using CART for Communication Access Ann Liming, Hearing Technology Resource Specialist Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) is a word-for-word speech-to-text translation of all spoken words and environmental sounds.  It benefits people who are hard of hearing, late deafened or oral deaf.  The CART captioner uses a steno machine (like those used by court reporters in […]

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A Television Listening Option

A Television Listening Option – The Serene TV SoundBox Ann Liming, Hearing Technology Resource Specialist There are many devices on the market for people with hearing loss that make understanding the TV easier and more enjoyable. Some devices use headphones or neckloops or both, while others utilize a stethoscope type ear plug. Some broadcast directly […]

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The Mighty TeleCoil

The Mighty TeleCoil  by Ann Liming, Hearing Technology Resource Specialist A telecoil, also referred to as a t-coil or telephone coil, is a small copper coil in a hearing aid or cochlear implant (CI).  In the presence of other magnetic sources a magnetic field is created which induces an electric current in the coil.  When […]

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2016 Annual Meeting

Hearing Loss Association of America Michigan State Association 2016 Annual Meeting Saturday, April 9, 2016 10:00 am-3:30 pm State of Michigan Historical Museum and Library 702 West Kalamazoo Street, Lansing, MI 48915 Featured Speaker: Juliette Sterkens, Au.D. Make A Difference: Advocating for Hearing Access In Your Community! Learn about programs and resources for Hard of […]

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HLAA Michigan State Association Offers Scholarship to National Convention 2016

A scholarship is available to attend the HLAA National Convention 2016 which will be held in Washington DC,  June 23-26, 2016 . Lodging is at the host hotel, Washington Hilton. Deadline to apply is January 1, 2016. Don’t miss out! SCHOLARSHIP:  HLAA-MI will cover the early bird registration which includes the Friday night off-site event, […]

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